In order to be successful, we have to offer our customers products and services that are always of the highest quality. Because only when our customers are constantly successful, we can be too.


  • We attach great importance to the consistent qualification of our employees according to the relevant quality standards.
  • Our infrastructure is tailored to dealing with our customers’ enquiries as efficiently as possible at modern workplaces and using good technical equipment.
  • We aspire to long-term relationships with customers marked by reliability and integrity.
  • We secure long-term business success by planning and acting with foresight, lean corporate structures, by satisfying the requirements of our customers and by permanently improving our processes.
  • We, the employees, define and optimise our business processes and are constantly measuring the shared objectives so as to permanently improve quality.
  • We contribute to sustainability by balancing social, economic and environmental demands against each other whilst still complying with our legal obligations.


Environmental protection

We do everything that is needed to protect our environment. As a result, we constantly exceed the official and statutory environmental protection regulations and attempt to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials.


Quality policy

Our quality policy has been defined in such a way that it matches the purpose and context of the company and supports its strategic focus. It forms the basis for defining and verifying our quality objectives. As a result of this policy, the company is committed to satisfying these requirements and thus progressively improving the quality management system.